We take great pride in the community that's grown in Downtown Joliet. There's new restaurants, music, artists, and festivals popping up all of the time now. The people building and creating all of this are making sure that the trends lean back towards higher quality and longevity. We all are finding ways to support the local economy even though some of us have drastically different views. We are supporting each other. We are all contributing to it in some way or another. It would be great to see this spread. This show would like to give you an opportunity to explore what it is that so many of us have called home. The friends we've made in other towns aren't going to be left out either. Not only is it our goal to show you what we do in Joliet, but how people are creating a new culture in every place that we've made a connection.

   In our fifteenth episode we get to interview the man we thank every week for letting us use Third City Sound to record the show, William Phillip Aldridge. We mostly call him Bill. He is the head of the studio. Nothing goes on unless he says so. Although, he's never really said no to much.

   This show focuses on how Third City came to be, and also how Bill got into music and recording. We had fun on this one. you're gonna like it even though there's no music. We'll get him back on for another to hear him shred the bass.

Your hosts,

David Francis & Tom Maslowski





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