Our show is recorded live at Third City Sound on the third floor above Chicago Street Pub in Downtown Joliet. We love the culture that has been taking shape over the last ten years. The story is long but worthy of your attention. After we get a bunch of musicians on as guests we're gonna make our way through some of our favorite bars, venues, and restaurants. After we give you the tour of Joliet, we'd like to introduce you to some of our great friends from all over the area doing the same.

In Episode 16, Mr. Ellis Wright jumps up to tell us how he came to be such a staple of our scene. He's relatively new to our family. We can't imagine making music without him now. We will post links to each of the bands that he's part of so you can find some music of his. Alex Hoffer ended up being our guest host, too.

Your hosts,

David Francis & Tom Maslowski







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