What's Goin' Down In Downtown J-Town hopes to give you a glimpse of all the great things that Joliet has to offer. It has been growing strong for the past decade. There are new things to see, hear, and well....tons of good stuff to taste. The people behind all of this would like to bring back the trend of community. Everyone is striving to give you the highest quality in everything that they do. We mostly have musicians on at the moment. However, we've been lining up some interviews with visual artists. We've even convinced some of the area's business owners to be on the show. All of it gets recorded live from the third floor in the same building as our favorite bar, Chicago Street Pub. The studio is called Third City Sound. They do great work up there , and we are grateful to be using this facility for our show.

 In Episode 17, we are proud to introduce to you yet another veteran musician of this scene. Allison Flood is going to be the opening act for the next installment of the Local Music Monday Concert Series. She was very easy to talk to. Her music will give ya the chills. She has a great sound that is very honest and sincere. Take a listen and enjoy.

Your Hosts,

David Francis & Tom Maslowski






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