This show hopes to bring to light some of the great communities that are quietly gaining strength. We base ourselves out of Downtown Joliet from our stronghold, Chicago Street Pub. We record at Third City Sound located on the third floor of the same building as the pub. There is more and more going on each month with new businesses opening up in tandem with festivals and events.

In Episode 20 we are happy to bring to you to members of the bad Saddles. None other than Nick Domberg and Tim Streit came upstairs to represent their band. The songs are great in this one, including a brand new title. We love these fine individuals.

Please come out to Local Music Monday at the Rialto Square Theater on July 10th. Alex Hoffer, Prairie Ghost, and Chicago Farmer & Ed Anderson will rock your socks off!!! I totally blanked out on who the middle act was supposed to be during the interview.

Your Hosts,

David Francis and Tom Maslowski


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