There is an amazing music scene in Downtown Joliet. There are so many new establishments opening. A community of people are coming together to work towards a higher quality of life. It's getting larger and stronger everyday. I couldn't just stand by and not document any of it. To keep my mouth shut seemed like an injustice to my neighbors. A different kind of revolution has begun, and we would like to show you all about this inspirational place.We record this show live from Third City Sound on the third floor of our music monument, Chicago Street Pub.

In Episode 21, we were forced out of our cushy studio to record our first remote show! I guess my house isn't exactly adventurous, however we did encounter some challenges. The episode turned out great thanks to our wonderful guests. From the band No Horse we bring to you, Gigi Turner and Corey Moondog Meyers!! This is a good one folks. They blend punk and bluegrass together with ease. There's tales of woe and triumph. And also of Gremlins..........

Your Hosts,

David Francis and Tom Maslowski


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