Joliet is known for a prison; crime. We're here to fill you in on a secret. Music is everywhere. All different kinds, and it's good stuff. There have been somse really great restaurants opening all of the time. There have been more events being held at the Joliet Historic Route 66 Museum that are a really great time. There's a new brewery about to open up. Look, the list can go on and on. Take a listen to this podcast to find out...........What's Goin' Down In Downtown J-Town. We are very excited to put our 24th episode out for your enjoyment. Michael Shehan was great to talk to. I always have a great time hangin' with this guy whether he's playin', goofin', or chillin'. His band, The Prairie Ghosts, are killer. check them out, too. We'll get the whole band on in due time. Until then, you give you this episode!! Your Hosts, David Francis & Tom Maslowski

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