What's Goin' Down In Downtown J-Town is recorded live at Third City Sound in downtown Joliet above our favorite place, Chicago Street Pub. We hope to bring you the excitment that we get from being involved in this community. Each artist plays two songs with an interview in between. We can't wait to start including people from other towns that are also doing great things in their communities. We will also start to include other businesses and thier owners after a bit. Without a place to play, eat, and drink............there would be no scene at all.

    In episode six, John Condron not only tells us of how he came here to Joliet, but also the story of how Chicago Street Pub came to be this thriving musicial and social hub for so many people. He's a wonderful songwriter, performer, and storyteller. You're gonna love this episode. Take a listen to our other episodes as well. There's some great music waiting to be discovered bu you, the eager fan.

Your Hosts,

Tom Maslowski & David Francis





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