This is a recording of the live broadcast of The Local Music Bonanza radio show. We currently are on the air Friday'sfrom 10am-noon. These are basically being recorded like the old days when we'd pop in a cassette tape and press record. Only now we use a thumb drive. I'll be trying to get better recordings as we go. There's a bit of music from the radio staion at the begining and ending from where we pressed record and stop....


Your Hosts,

David Francis & Tom Maslowski

Foresight- Our Old Robot

The Reaganomics- Dear Jaymez Dunzo

A Dozen Paces- Down So Long

JukeBots- WhoWeAre

Cheryl Rodey- Torture

Haunted Hare- Part Time Vampire(Bob Dylans Sister)

Makena Hartlin- Picture Frame

Chicago Farmer- $13 Beers

Andrew David Weber- Battleship Gray

Charlie Champene- Facebook Friend

Pale Horseman- Tyrant

Unto The Earth The Herald

The Mound Builders- Hair Of The Dogma

Coyote Man- What Once Was

Dramaglider- Everything Is Red

Point A Pistol At The Sun- Old Friends

Saxquatch and The Bridge Band- Dirty Dan

The Secret Lives- Long Way

The Bad Saddles- Times's Been Working On You

The Mindful Music Experiment- Upon A Thorn Of Cactus

Mugzy- Understand Me

Hotbreath Tea and The Invisible Branches- Town

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